Moscow: 3 More Must Sees

Moscow: 3 More Must Sees

In our last Moscow guide we posted an article touting some of the must see places to see in Moscow. As we advised, there are many more places in Moscow to visit; so much so that we could write a dozen blogs on them. Here are three more must see places in Moscow.

Ride The Metro Orange Line To VDNKh

In our last guide, we touted the fun of taking the metro through Moscow sites. If you catch the orange line due north and jump out when you see the station named VDNKH you will be in for a treat. In the Russian alphabet, it will actually look like this – ВДНХ , and it is actually pronounced  “vee-dee-en-HA”  What awaits you is a beautiful cityscape of Soviet monuments celebrating Russia’s accomplishments in history. The Russian Museum of Cosmonautics is actually a building that is shaped like a rocket soaring off to space that has actual canine cosmonauts Strelka and Belka (taxidermied of course, yeah doggone creepy actually..see what we did there?) Then there is the Farm Girl Hammer and Sickle Monument celebrating collective farming. And of course, there is a family-friendly amusement park complex and entertainment area called the VVTs or All-Russia Exhibition Center.

Find Religion at Novodevichy

When you are ready to get out of the hustle and bustle of central Moscow, you need to take an excursion to the Novodevichy Convent.  This Convent established in 1524 is home to 16th and 17th-century cathedrals that have been very well preserved inside massive protective red and white fort walls. The cemetery that is attached has many graves of significant dignitaries like Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first president. Many cultural luminaries also have taken their final resting place here among the grand monuments. Chekhov, Shostakovich, and Prokofiev just to name a few that you probably will have to Google later. To complete the picturesque are is a quaint duck pond and complemented by a statue of ducklings given as a gift to Raisa Gorbachev by Barbara Bush.

Be a Hipster, Russian Style In Gorky Park

Gorky Park has undergone a huge makeover and has become a mecca of sorts for the Moscow hipsters. Around the park, you will find people relaxing with a book on beanbags or napping in hammocks. Free wifi, an open air movie area, cafes and numerous bookstores round out the bustling commerce in the park district.  During the summer, rollerbladers come out en masse as well as ice skaters during winter months, as it transforms into one of the largest ice rinks in Europe.  If funky art is what you are after, then you need to visit the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, or across the street to Muzeon. You can round out your day with nightcaps or all night dancing and the numerous trendy bars or nightclubs with thumping EDM.

Moscow Calling You?

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